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Insta Trike,
Mini Trike

Available for over 200 models


Cycle Station started out of a passion for motorcycles and the people who ride them. Steve Pembrook has been around bikes all his life. Growing up, his mother and father both rode, and at the age of 10, he started riding himself. Racing dirt bikes most of his life, and then riding road bikes since he was 18, now with a family of his own, his wife and 2 boys all ride. As a family run business, Steve's wife Tammy runs the front and parts department while Steve and the boys run the full service department and build the trikes.

As our customer base grew we noticed a new need for our customers. Some were down-sizing, some just stop riding all together, some were just getting started whether they were 25 or 75 years old.

Trikes soon opened new doors for our customers, so we started The Trike Station, a division of The Cycle Station, and we are excited to provide a quality product, and honest service for our customers.



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