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Insta Trike,
Mini Trike

Available for over 200 models


Available for 1984-1999 Evo/5-speed and 1999-2006 Twin Cam/5-speed transmissions

(In Neutral, Clutch-in, Shift Handle Up, Throttle Gas & Clutch-Out to Reverse the Motorcycle!)
- - - IT'S AMAZING! - - -

Also Now Available:

  • Adapter Kit for Harley-Davidson Hydraulic Clutch
  • Trap-door Puller/Stock Trap-door Remover Tool
  • Samson "True-Dual" exhaust pipes for HD Softail
  • Great for 2-Wheelers, Trikes or Sidecars, Low gear ratio to ease you back, Does not affect any of the forward gears, Easy Installation in about 4-5 hours,* Replaces stock " Trap-door " w/ 2+ bearings, Overall transmission dimensions don't change, No exhaust modification (FLH)
  • Quality materials, precision engineered, Clutch operated, No battery drain, Made in the USA, One year warranty.
  • Complete kit

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